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Mobile X-ray for Sports Teams

Mobile X-Ray, Mobile Diagnostic
Unit for Sports Teams

76erIf you are on the management team of a major sports organization or head athletic trainer, we can provide you with onsite x-ray services during the game, when minutes can make a huge difference. Through our Mobile Diagnostic Unit, the highest quality mobile x-ray images are made available to you in a very timely fashion. Our registered technologists simply become a big part of your game-day medical staff!

lackaw X-Ray registered technologists have more than 28 years experience in the mobile diagnostics field.Our formula for success in sports mobile x-ray is based on safety, convenience, reliability, as well as state-of-the-art training, equipment, and techniques.

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Dr. Pete Delucca, Team Physician, Paul Woelkers, and Chris Peduzzi, Head Athletic Trainer

Mobile X-ray Unit for Game-Day Mobile Diagnostic

By using our mobile x-ray services, sports team can provide crucial emergency care when is most needed, enhance the level of care for their players and staff, and ultimately save significant amounts of money.

Quality, Responsiveness, and Reliability in Mobile X-Ray

The management and staff of lackaw X-Ray realizes that our success is based upon positive results and your complete satisfaction. Contact us today. We are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty for years to come. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence.





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Service Map & Locations - lackaw-sm X-Ray  provides mobile diagnostic services and xray duplication as follows:
Mobile mammography, mobile diagnostics, and mobile xray for sports team throughout the Mid-Atlantic region: Pennsylvania - PA, New Jersey- NJ, Delaware -DE, Maryland - MD, and West Virginia – WV. Also included for the Eastern US region are: mobile x-ray , diagnostic mammography, mobile mammogram, mobile mammography unit, game-day mobile diagnostic, mobil
e x-ray for NFL games and NBA –Eagles, 76ers.



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