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X-Ray Copying Services

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X-Ray Duplication, X-Ray Films

serv-xray-copyinglackaw X-Ray has decades of experience and a sterling reputation for quality in x-ray copying services throughout the United States.  All jobs are performed by skilled professionals.  We utilize registered x-ray technologists with in-depth experience in a wide area of diagnostic imaging: mammography, sonography, CT, MRI, Pet Scans and general radiology,

To cut costs, many doctors and hospitals have gone digital and no longer produce x-ray images in film form or x-ray films; they are now processing their patients x-ray images on computer CDs.  As a result, organizations and patients who need hard copies face a real problem.  This is where our x -ray copy / x-ray duplication services come in.  Your X-ray films are copied and we produce an exact reproduction of one x-ray film to another.

With same-day turnaround time, we ship anywhere in the world. US customers can choose overnight and 2-Day Air in addition to standard ground services. For international customers we will work hard to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective method of shipping to your specific destination.

We provide x-ray duplication / x-ray copy services to hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, dental facilities, attorneys, legal services, insurance companies, and patients concerned about their health and medical history. Using our x-ray copy / xray CD archival system, medical facilities can save thousands of dollars in storing and processing of x-ray films.

One of our core specialties is the highest quality, cost-effective x-ray copies and xray duplication service.  We know our success is based upon your satisfaction, and we are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence.

Thank you for visiting us. Our board-certified, registered technologists and support staff are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence.

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Service Map & Locations - lackaw-sm X-Ray  provides mobile diagnostic services and xray duplication as follows:
Xray duplication, x-ray copy, x-ray scans, X-Ray Film to CD conversion, x-ray prints, and x-ray photos are provided nationally - throughout the United States and internationally. Fastest delivery services: Eastern US, Philadelphia,  PA,  New Jersey, NJ, Delaware,  DE, Maryland, MD, West Virginia , WV. More services: xray CD, xray films, digital xray conversion, x-ray film scanning, digital x-ray imaging, xray scans, xray photos, xray pictures, xray printing, xray film services



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